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Welcome the ALU web site        ALU will hold its coming permanent bureau 13th -15th of January Fez , Morocco       
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Arab Lawyers Union 

Arab Lawyers Union (ALU) is an NGO. It is a pan-Arab confederation of bar associations and law societies based in Cairo. ALU is in consultative status with ECOSOC, an observer at UNESCO national, regional and international Organizations (such as; UIA, IADL, ILAC) and a member in several UN committees.  ALU was engaged in founding the Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) at Tunis.

The ALU is constituted of bar associations, organizations and law societies in Arab countries and individual Arab practice lawyers. ALU currently has a membership of bar associations in 15 countries and 27 affiliated organizations, with a membership of more than 200,000 individual lawyers and 27 bar associations.


 Mission :

- To develop the profession of lawyer in the Arabic countries to make it a true auxiliary of justice
- To work for the independence of the judiciary power
 - Contribute to the development of the law and to the unification of laws and legal nome
nclature in Arab countries.


  •  Promotion of training of young lawyers
  •  Promote and protect human rights, basic freedoms and the primacy of law.
  •  Participate in the decolonization of the Arab Countries, to their liberation and the establishment of social justice.
  •  Struggle with the Arab Palestinian people to liberate Palestine from Zionist settlers colonialism.
  •  Struggle against Zionism and its greed as a form of racism.
  •  Resisting all forms of naturalization with the Zionist enemy and all projects which aim at dominating the Arab region and eradicating its identity.
  • Struggle against colonialism and new colonialism, and participation in the defence of the basic rights of all people and supporting the solidarity, cooperation and equality among them and its rights of independence, sovereignty and self-determination and the causes of liberation, progress and peace in all parts of the world.
  • Struggle to liberate the Arab person from all forms of oppression, backwardness and exploitation through guaranteeing their right to political and social democracy, public freedom and freedom of association, protection against torture and extermination and guaranteeing his basic rights included in the International human rights convenient, so as to enable his active participation in decision making about his future and the future of his country.
  • Endeavor to liberate Arab countries from all forms of domination and guaranteeing its independence and development as means to realize social justice.

  General Information
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